Otto-von-Guericke-Universitat Magdeburg

Summer Course

“Science, Technology, and Culture in Germany”

for Students of the Niigata University/ Japan

28. August- 19. September 1997

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City of Magdeburg マグデブルグ市について: Map 地図 Snaps1 点景1 Snaps2 点景2

Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg オット・フォン・ゲーリック・マグデブルグ大学について: 

大学案内の和訳  学部構成 研究・教育 カリキュラム例 Campus 点景 
スパコン Institute of Process Eng. Institute of Process Equipment and Environmental Technology Institute for Water Protection Experimental Apparatus for Education


Program and Photos  1997サマースクールの日程と記録写真:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
      August 28 August 29 August 30 August 31
      Arrival in Berlin Sightseeing in Berlin

Arrival in Magdeburg

10.00 Excursion to Zethlingen ? oldgermanic traditions ? public festival

18.00 Official welcome reception

10.00 Walk through the town ( Sightseeing tour)

14.00 Vist to monastery “Unserer lieben Frauen” ( Our Beloved Ladies)

15.00 Organ concert

September 1 September 2 September 3 September 4 September 5 September 6 September 7
9.00 Language class

11.00 Mechanical Engineering/Institute of Mechanics

“Adaptive Mechanical Systems”

Prof. Gabbert

15.00 Visit to cathedral

9.00 Trip to Braunschweig

Visit to the “German aerospace research institute”

15.00 Time on your own to look around the city Braunschweig

17.00 Return to Magdeburg

9.00 Language class

14.00 Mechanical Engineering

“Innovative process in manufacturing and measurement technology in mechanical engineering”

Dr. Wisweh

18:00 Barbecue

9.00 Language class

14.00 Mechanical Engineering

“Design and development for today’s competitive global market”

Prof. Grote

16.00 “ How to model logistics processes in a lab and on the computer”

Prof. Ziems

9.00 Language class

14.00 Visit to the Lucasklause/ Exhibition and experiments from Otto-von-Guericke

18.00 Start of the host family weekend

host family weekend host family weekend
September 8 September 9 September 10 September 11 September 12 September 13 September 14
9.00 Language class

14.00 Visit to the “Colbitz” brewery

9.00 Language class

14.00 Electrical Engineering

“Microsystems- sensors, actuators, smart systems”

Prof. Hauptmann

19.00 Bowling

7.00 excursion to the VW-company

10.00 Visit to the research lab

“Virtual reality in the construction”

14.00 Visit to the car muzeum

9.00 Language class

14.00 Electrical engineering

“Intelligent motion control by using electrical drives”

Prof. Palis

9.00 Language class

14.00 Ship’s elevator

Dr. Horn

16.00 Visit to IFAK- Automation/ Communication/ sensors

9.00 Excursion to the Harz Mountains- Quedlinburg 10.00 Excursion to the “Worlitzer Park”
September 15 September 16 September 17 September 18 September 19    
9.00 Language class

14.00 Introduction of the Department of Computer Science,Prof. Rosner

14.30 “Technical Information systems, Dr.Paul

16.00 “Computational visualization, Dr. Schirra

9.00 Language class

14.00 Tour and usage of the university computer center

Herr Hammer

18.00 Official farewell party in Magdeburg

Departure to Berlin

Visit to the German-
Japanese Center

Visit to Potsdum- Castle Cecilienhof, Castle Sansoucci Departure to Japan    

Students 参加学生のスナップ Meeting 教官のミーティングスナップ

Newspaper's Reports 地元新聞の報道 

マグデブルガー ローカルアンツァイガー 1997年9月9日 (火)

マグデブルグレポート 1997年9月14日(日)